About Us


The ECA was established in early 2012 with the intention of providing a solution for brewers that are looking for distribution channels in New York, but would like to have uniformity in their approach and still have strong vested local presence in each individual territory. The group consists of 18 different wholesale operations, the majority of which are AB InBev distributors, along with two SABMiller houses. The relationship between these wholesalers is dynamic, and will allow, “one-stop shopping” for craft breweries looking to extend their footprint into New York.

The ECA’s managing members are Jeff Vukelic of Saratoga Eagle Sales & Service Inc. (Saratoga Springs, NY), Sean Rose of Clare Rose, Inc. (E. Yaphank, NY) and Debra Boening of Oak Beverages, Inc. (Blauvelt, NY). By uniting wholesalers across the entire state, it makes ease of entry for potential craft brewers a primary focus of the group. Currently, no other organization in New York is able to provide a footprint that covers the entire state.

The Empire Craft Alliance consists of the following distributors:
• A. Cappione, Inc.
• Arthur R. Gren Co., Inc.
• Bartyzel, Inc.
• Clare Rose, Inc.
• D. Bertoline & Sons, Inc.
• Dana Distributors, Inc.
• Dutchess Beer Distributors, Inc.
• Eagle Beverage Co., Inc.
• Lake Beverage
• Northern Eagle Beverages, Inc.
• Oak Beverages, Inc.
• Owasco Beverages, Inc.
• Plattsburgh Distributing Co., Inc.
• R. Ippolito Distributing, LLC.
• Rocco J. Testani, Inc.
• Saratoga Eagle Sales & Service
• Seneca Beverage Corporation
• Spirit & Sanzone Distributors Co., Inc.
• Try-It Distributing Co., Inc.

For more information on the ECA members please visit our Distributor Profiles page.