Distributor Name: Spirit & Sanzone Distributors Co., Inc.

Location: 6495 Fly Road East Syracuse, NY 13057
Telephone: (315) 463-6103
Website: www.spiritandsanzone.com/

Principal Manager: William X. Sanzone


Distributor Background:

The story of Spirit and Sanzone Distributors begins over 100 years ago when Samuel Joseph Sanzone (Savatore Guiseppe, prior to his arrival at Ellis Island), Sicilian immigrant, came to the United States with his family in 1909. Following his service to the United States Army in World War I, Sam started F. Sanzone and Son's Fruit Stand in Rome, NY in 1920 along with his father Filippo.     

In 1927, Samuel and his father acquired a 7UP franchise to add to the fruit business.  Then in 1933, following the repeal of prohibition, the company was able to enter into beer distribution with Haberle Congress Beer and later Genesee.  After Samuel’s passing in 1964, Samuels son Francis ("Bud") took over the company and expanding into other brands such as Miller Brewing Company in 1969.  Bud went on to make an number of acquisitions to expand the overall territory, portfolio and service area to 9 total counties.  With the expansion into Onondaga County in 1993, Bud moved the headquarters to East Syracuse, NY in 1994.  William Xavier ("Bill") joined the company in 2004 and was able to add additional brands and territory.  Then in 2009, Bill was named President, with Bud still active in the business.  In 2011, Spirit and Sanzone Distributors further expanded their portfolio when they were issued a wine distribution license, and have since gained a Liquor license, further diversifying our portfolio of brands and products. 

Over the last 93 years, Spirit and Sanzone has grown from a small fruit stand in Rome, NY, to a full service distributor active in a total of 13 counties in New York State; 4 of those proudly with the ECA (Onondaga, Oneida, Herkimer, Madison counties). 


Distributor Description:

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